Pacquiao vs Bradley Rematch: Two Careers, One Climatic Moment

Bradley vs. Pacquaio 2

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In June of 2012 the world witnessed a robbery, and almost everyone who tuned in, barring two ringside judges, was in agreement that Manny Pacquiao should have walked away with a clear victory.  Turn the clocks two years forward, two fights later, and we finally get the rematch that everyone, especially Manny and Tim, wants.  They say that history is a book written by the winners; and while Manny Pacquiao can boast to have more pages in his novel, both fighters are reaching a climatic chapter that will become inexorably intertwined, defining one another’s stories.

The Pacquiao vs Bradley Rematch

Last time these two men met, they were materially different fighters, and unfortunately for Pacquiao, Bradley’s stock is the one that has risen. Whether it’s fighting with injured feet like in their last fight, bunkering down and warring through a concussion in the fight of the year  against Provodnokov, or learning to box intelligently and outclassing one of boxing’s best IQ’s in Juan Manuel Marquez, Bradley again and again demonstrates his resilience and ability to overcome.

Pacquaio on the other hand, has recently put on some dazzling performances, yet they have all come up short in one way or another.  Over the build up to this fight, Bradley repteadly has claimed that

Manny has lost that killer instinct

and that his time is over.  In recent interviews, the Filipino asserts that Bradley’s latest remarks have rekindled his fire, and that Bradley will see the Manny Pacquiao of old. Will April 12th give us a thundering Pacquiao resurgence, or will Timothy Bradley turn a new page in boxing’s book, effectively ending Pacquaio’s decade long stint of exaltation?

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The Prediction

Bradley has learned a lot in his past couple of fights, and he deeply feels that he has something to prove to the world.  He has legitimately convinced himself that he won the first fight – eight rounds to four – and he will walk into the ring this Saturday hungrier than ever.  Against Marquez, Bradley showed us that he probably has more speed than Manny at this point, and we all know his hunger and his courageous desire to win will not be absent. Ironically,  I think his hunger will be his ultimate tragedy. Given their convoluted history, Bradley will not stay disciplined enough to box Pacquaio the way he did Marquez all twelve rounds, and as a result, he will get into a rough tussle and lose rounds, providing Manny the hard fought victory.

For this one fight in particular, Bradley has the speed, but not the power, he has the boxing skills, but not the shrewd experience to stick to those skills all night long

Against Rios we saw a fighter who was an intelligent balance between speed and angles, foot-work and calculation.   Critics are correct, we saw a different Manny, but that doesn’t have to mean that we saw a worse Manny – I am personally under the belief that this Manny could be far harder to beat.  In previous fights, if you listen to Manny’s post-fight interviews, he almost always admits that his opponent had him hurt.  That was the case because Manny was overly aggressive, taking a shot to give a shot.

Strangely, the reincarnated Pacquiao that we observed against Brandon Rios shines a keen resemblance stylistically to his long time foe, Floyd Mayweather – neither fighter is going to stay around to get hit.

Many will argue against this prediction citing that Manny is too old, distracted, and merciful on his opponents; and the Bradley has come too far since their last fight.  All of the above are true, but there is something different about this fight.  One must not forget that this is essentially a do or die scenario for The Filipino Typhoon – a loss will bring his epic tale to a close, while a win will ensure the potential for a new installment of what has been a legendary career.

If Bradley wants to meet the fighter who stopped Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera, he’s going to get his wish on Saturday,” said Pacquiao.

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