Who’s Next For Floyd?

Floyd Mayweather and Leanord Ellerbee

Floyd Mayweather’s Next Fight May 2014

Mayvinci is deciding who he wants next.  Floyd regularly gets criticized for choosing his opponents and ducking the most dangerous opposition. In his most recent fight, his decision to stand up to Canelo Alvarez seemed to buck the trend of “choosing” opponents to the general public.   Floyd’s utter dominance over Canelo was surely a candidate for performance of the year, and I am sure he gained more fans as a result.

Floyd’s next fight in 2014 probably won’t be a blockbuster

We can’t get ahead of ourselves about gaining more fans, because Floyd once again isn’t choosing the best opponent for his May 3rd fight.  And this time I’m not sure what is driving his decision to likely choose between Amir Khan (28-3) and Marcos Maidana (35-3).  O wait, wait wait….This is boxing, – and what rules boxing??  Money!  Floyd believes that either Amir Khan’s strong following in the UK or Marcos Maidana’s hot streak after his victory over Broner will win him a respectable amount of PPV buys.  I’m not here to criticize Floyd, the man knows how to play the game  and to get paid.  But I can say with definitive confidence that neither fighter has better than a 1/10 chance to beat him.  Floyd will knock Khan out, or he will do to Maidana what he did to Canelo, Guerrero, Marquez …and the list goes on and on…

Floyd Mayweather's next fight 2014

Floyd will choose between Maidana and Khan

These potential match-ups just aren’t compelling.  Floyd is simply head and shoulders above Adrien Broner, so Maidana’s victory over Broner doesn’t mean enough to influence me to think Maidana has a chance.  And when speaking on Khan, while I have said time and time again that the formula to beat Mayweather is speed, Khan is notorious for leaving himself open to hooks, and Mayweather is a master of dropping his foes with hooks – just ask Hatton or Marquez. I love Maidana’s spirit, and when Khan was a rising star I was all over youtube joyfully watching his videos sparring with Manny, but at this point I would have to bet against either of them.

Will I buy the PPV fight?

Yes of course I will buy the fight.  Floyd is an artist, and I will in front of the screen to watch him paint on his canvas.



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